CEIA USA's mission is to sell, distribute and service the world's most advanced technology in electromagnetic fields manufactured by CEIA and CEIA USA to public (federal, state and local governments) and private sector customers in North America.

CEIA USA strives to educate our current and potential customers on the proper deployment of electromagnetic inspection devices and induction heating systems with the aim of achieving the best operational response.

CEIA USA will continue to increase its operational base of customers through education and events with continuous improvement in the technology offered.

Company Presentation

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SECURITY Detection

The preference given to CEIA Metal Detectors by top public and private bodies confirms its position as the market leader in security.

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Thanks to many years of in-depth research in the field of Metal Detection, CEIA has established itself as a primary manufacturer of high-performance Ground Search Metal Detectors.

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INDUCTION Heating Systems

CEIA's unique technological solutions allow the manufacturing of power equipment with compact size, extremely high-energy efficiency and long-term reliability.

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CEIA combines the benefits of both cutting-edge metal detection and ferromagnetic detection functionality that automatically filters and suppresses alarms for non-threat items without compromising the required threat detection capabilities, ending false alarm fatigue and guesswork.

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The illegal use of cell phones is a growing and dangerous problem in correctional institutions worldwide. These devices are a significant threat to prison security and circumvent the monitoring processes in prisons, while helping inmates commit new crimes both inside and outside the facility.

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